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Murder Mystery Games for Kids & Families

My daughter's Sweet 16 Roman Revenge murder mystery party was a huge success. Wanted to thank you for the wonderful script.  The directions were detailed enough to allow the party to run smoothly. - Mark S

We used I Spy Murder for my daughter's 13th birthday and it was a great success. It was a great, stress free party with very little preparation involved. My youngest wants one for her birthday too so obviously a great success! Thanks for a great game. - Joanne B

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the entertainment provided by Search for a Star on New Years Eve. It was a family party with three generations ranging in age from 10 to 70 and was an absolute blast. An excellent feature is the ability to tailor characters to either sex and we also managed to pick some very apt traits to certain individuals which made for even more fun.  I am sure this won’t be the last time we use one of your games. - Joe K

First let me thank you for your Mission to Mars game. Everyone had a great time. Surprisingly though no one guessed the right murderer! I was Britney .. kind of a stretch for a 66 year old grandma, but it was fun. My husband was WD40. (he had a blast). The biggest surprise was our son who played Captain Slog, loved his outfit, and he really got into the part, actually everyone did, they came in costume and stayed in character from beginning to end. Our 10 yr old granddaughter is so Not Girly-Girly so it was a stretch for her to play Princess O, but she pulled it off. Again our thanks for coming up with this wonderful, family, fun game. - Nora D

I’m just writing to say that the party I hosted for my daughter’s 12th birthday, back in March, was a tremendous success. I followed your plans and it all went very smoothly.  There was a great deal of gossip and chat and loads of laughter throughout. Definitely a success!  Thank you very much indeed, and we’ll be back for more. - L Coulthard

Many thanks for the I Spy Murder Mystery. We used it for my son's tenth birthday and they loved it.  No-one guessed the real murderer but they had fun trying. - A Gregory

Just wanted to let you know we had an absolute blast on our Mission to Mars - it was a perfect way to start our New Year's Eve celebrations with a mixed group of 5 forty-something adults and 5 children aged from 8 to 13 years. I played Ship's Computer as party organiser and was on hand to help the younger players to read their instructions properly. All the adults agreed it was the best murder mystery we've done, as it made sense! And the children loved it as their first time and can't wait to try another one. Thanks for a fun evening. - A Westwood

My daughter had a great Hollywood Homicide murder mystery party at the weekend. We really loved the audio to solve the murder at the end. - The Louths

One of the best parties we have ever hosted. 16 ten and eleven year old girls were kept happy and on course for 4 hours yesterday afternoon enjoying the sunshine and discovering things about their characters. We had half an hour before the mystery began to let off steam and again at the end before they went home. The three hours went very quickly and they stayed on track the whole time. Lots of people were enthusiastic about their character,  the costumes were fab. With all your careful planning the girls were able to ask relevant questions and workout for themselves who the culprit was. Thank you so much, we will definitely be recommending this party and your website to others. - A Sullivan

What a great Search for a Star party we had for my daughter’s birthday. We had a Brian May, Adam Ant, a few punks and pretty girls in ra-ra skirts. I’d definitely recommend your website to anyone wanting a party with a difference that doesn’t stress you out too much! - K Kennedy

I played Hollywood Homicide with my friends for my party and thought it was fabulous. I have never laughed so much. It was easy to follow but still mind boggling. Thank you so much. - R Smith

I have purchased one of your murder mystery games for my daughter’s birthday parties for the last three years! This year we did Search for a Star, last year it was Riddle High and the year before The Movie Business. I hope you keep making them! - F Burgess

I wanted to tell you how much of a success I Spy Murder! Was. All the girls made a huge effort dressing up and they talked about it for ages beforehand and afterwards! I had most of the girls telling me it was the best party they had been to so thank you very much. - S Kitcat

I bought the Egyptian Mummy Mystery and have used it twice so far! The first time with all boys and the second time all girls! Both times the guests were invited to  the ‘British Museum’ for a formal (non-alcoholic!) cocktail party first before they were ushered in to the ‘exhibition room’. Both times I have included the  Professor dead on the floor with plenty of blood and a couple of clues in his lab-coat pockets! I know that not everyone wants a body but my guests were quite keen! I am glad I bought it and will look at your other games soon. Thanks.  - L Herschel

My Head teacher played Lord Smythington-Smythe (Haunted House) and was found dead in his office with an empty glass and a bottle of plonk! Your parties would inspire a lot of teachers, I am certain. My kids wrote a newspaper report, diary entries as their characters, accusation sheets as provided by you. We  did the whole party over 5 lessons in a week with each character played by two kids. The following week they wrote an extended story based on suspense and a possible murder. You have a real talent and it could totally be used by schools! - J Saunders (Teacher)

I just wanted to let you know that we had an Egyptian Mummy Mystery party for our 9 year old son last weekend, and it worked wonderfully well.  We had a mix of girls and boys, and they all entered into the spirit of the event, and had lots of fun. The other thing I really liked about the game was that there wasn't too much preparation for us to do before the event and that you had thought of everything. Best wishes for your future success.  It was a fantastic idea of yours to invent Murder Mystery Games for younger children.  I had looked round all the shops without success before I happened to find your web site. - A Spicer

We had soooo much fun playing I Spy Murder For my daughter's 11th birthday that we actually played it twice! First time for school friends and second time for other friends. It is such a brilliant idea and the kids loved it! - F Atwell

I just wanted to tell you how great the eighties party Search for a Star was. It was very clever, not too easy and not too hard. Everybody’s costumes were great, the atmosphere was perfect and the game was a blast! I will definitely recommend you to people as it was great. - L Burnett

I was looking for something a bit different for my daughter’s 10th birthday. I was delighted to have found the web site. I chose I Spy Murder,  the script was clear and easy to follow. The game was really interactive with lots of laughter, chatting and speculating who  the murderer was! Each act ensured everyone took part and no one was left out. It was a  great laugh, I’m sure I’ll visit your web site again!

- J Bousquet

The Riddle High Murder Mystery game went off brilliantly! The girls, 13 of them, came all dressed up and we gave out prizes for best dressed and guessing the murderer! All in all a wonderful evening was had and thank you for a wonderful game. - K Warrior

We did the Treasure of the Pyramids game at my daughters 12th party yesterday and it went brilliantly! Everyone really enjoyed it and I was amazed at the lengths the guests had gone to to dress up in part. Thanks for a great game. - D Peers

Just wanted to tell you what a huge success our Search for a Star party was! It was very straight forward and the children thoroughly enjoyed it, staying in character throughout. They loved the twists and turns in the plot and each new piece of information was met with gasps of shock! Great fun! Thank you very much. - E Morgan L

Just to let you know the I Spy Murder party was brilliant. One of my daughter’s friends said ‘This game is well good!’, so that was a huge compliment from a teenager! - E Grinnell

Wow! We had such a good time. Mission to Mars was great. Thank you! Needless to say, I handed out your web site address to all the moms!- Cori C

We held our daughter's Search for a Star birthday party yesterday and it was a huge success! I followed your advice and made sure I had organised everything beforehand and it ran really well. I would definitely use one of your games again. - S Wood

What a fantastic party my 12 year old daughter had on Friday evening. 12 girls threw themselves into the characters of Riddle High with great enthusiasm and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. I will be recommending your Murder Mysteries to all my colleagues and friends. - N Davies

We played Riddle High last week and it was a fantastic success. From the minute the invitations went out the buzz at school started. Everyone dressed up and the game run very smoothly, it was so easy to manage and you had thought of everything. The whole event was great. Other mums have said we have set the party expectations high. - S Cavo-Smith

The party was tremendous fun. All the kids made a real effort to dress up and came up with incredibly ingenuous theories as to the culprit. - A Cairns

We hosted Treasure of the Pyramids for our daughter's 12th Birthday party. The children were absolutely charmed at the idea of dressing up - their costumes were wonderful. - T Hatcher

We have just run Search for a Star for my daughter's 11th birthday. We had 9 children, mostly girls and it was a big success! I'd certainly recommend the game. It was still a topic of conversation at school on Monday morning. - S Maxwell

Just recovering from the Search for a Star party we had for our 10 year old daughter yesterday. It went really well and the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Much better than bowling! - Annie

Just wanted to let you know that we held your Murder Mystery party last night and our party was fabulous. The children excelled themselves, they enjoyed dressing up - they were not allowed to buy anything and had to get costumes from us old people that they call parents. My children are already nagging me about the next party! Many thanks.- S Rimmer

Thank you- my daughter's birthday was a great success thanks to you - we will be back for more! - PF

Just to let you know that we had an absolute ball on Saturday night with the game. The children all got into character and were so excited. I think that only one worked it out but they had a great laugh. So many people have said what a great idea for something different. - Maureen M

Thank you so much for the wonderful I Spy Murder! party for my son. We all had an awesome time! The guys really got into the game. Thank you for thinking of everything.

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