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Murder Mystery Games for Kids & Families

It is 1982, long before Saturday night television is dominated by reality shows. In a small TV studio, just outside London, a select gathering of talented youngsters eagerly awaits the finals of the Search for a Star Competition. The twelve finalists all have a shot at the big time as the winner walks away with a million pound recording contract!

Competition is hot and one man has the decision in his hands, Vinnie Rugswood, self-made millionaire, record producer and in charge of judging. Vinnie isn’t afraid to say what he thinks, even if it makes him unpopular. He has certainly made a few enemies on his meteoric rise to the top of the music profession.

So, leave your nerves at home and join your fellow contestants as we...

Search for a Star (don’t worry, no singing required!)
Search for a Star murder mystery game

The Contestants

Star – Confident performer who knows how to handle the music biz

Fran – Reluctant singer who would rather be dancing

Mel - Ruthless competitor who intends to win at all costs

Lou – Quiet and brooding with a hidden agenda

Nat – Naturally talented singer with a very friendly nature

Jo – Wildly ambitious but no talent, supremely confident

PJ – A joker, the class clown

Jordan – The most nervous competitor and very shy

Nic – Dumped singing partner to be here, feeling guilty

Brit – Well heeled, well connected, showy, new money

Sunny – Hardest working in the competition

Beetle – At 25, the oldest in competition, a dreamer

price: £15.99
for 6 to 12 players
age 10 and over
boys or girls

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Price Includes

in fact, everything you need to hold  a MurderMysteryFun party


full game instructions

costume suggestions

character details

evidence and clues

party bag certificates

treasure hunt

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